Wooden mechanical tuning pegs

Modern and baroque Violin, Viola and Cello

Baroque and Renaissance gamba viol

Cycloidal Drive

Rotate the peg head for precise tuning

The 1:10 Cycloidal geared reduction allows a super fine string tuning and prevents the string from running away.

Pull and rotate the peg head for a quick string change

Pulling the peg head disables the geared reduction, and allows an easy string change like traditional pegs.

Invisible technology

MechanicalPegs Cycloidal Drive is embedded in the wooden peg shaft (the conical section). Once mounted on the instrument, it is identical to a traditional peg.


Fine woods

European boxwood

African Ebony

American Rosewood

Respecting the environment

FSC certified woods are used in respect of our planet and the protection of natural resources

We employ innovative working methods that allow us to drastically reduce the waste of resources and energy compared to traditional production methods.

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