Our mission

MechanicalPegs.com is only the tip of the iceberg.

Our initiative was born from a community of musicians, luthiers and engineers who in their different fields are looking for new ideas to preserve our culture and traditions from an ever faster society that prefers fleetingness instead of contemplation of timeless beauty.

However, the world changes, and we cannot avoid it. To keep our music and our art alive, we must necessarily adapt our way of doing things and expressing ourselves, especially with regard to the mutations of modern society.

Great technology is invisible

Steve Jobs, 1995

Instead of rejecting modern technologies, we need to approach and embrace them, learn to use them to our advantage. Only in this way can we make our community flourish.

Unity is strength

Collaboration is the only weapon we have to amplify the spread of culture, which is why we have decided to carry out this project and to help our environment in the most inclusive and open way possible.

We want to hear your voice

We want to hear from you, tell us your ideas and your projects so we can spread the voice and make them come true together!