Our History

MechanicalPegs.com was born from musicians for musicians.

With 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing pegs for classical and early musical instruments, we decided to listen to musicians to understand how we can improve their experience and security when playing rehearsal or during a concert.

We have studied extensively the needs of musicians who use traditional tuning pegs or the most recent geared tuning pegs on the market, and we have decided to develop a product that does not compromise between “early” technology and recent mechanical solutions.

Our cycloidal drive is the result of an intense engineering work to find the definitive solution for the hobbyist and the most demanding professional.

Instead of the traditional planetary gear reduction systems, which suffer from wear over time, the cycloidal system lasts for the entire life of the instrument, and does not need any kind of maintenance.

Furthermore, our tuning pegs work both with the reduction gear and as traditional tuning pegs, simply by “pulling” the head of the peg, which disables the reduction mechanism. This allows greater speed during the setup of the instrument and allows you to change the string quickly even during a live performance.